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Grape.Sounds is a new company backed by over 30 years of experience in the wine industry. Founded by Hiroshi Kikuchi, Grape.Sounds is divided into three divisions:

  • Wine Brokerage: Introducing Western wines for Japanese importers and/or retailers.
  • Agency services: Providing marketing and sales support for leading wine producers and chateux.
  • Wine business consulting:  Wine List consulting, wine management and wait staff training for restaurants, bars and hotels.

Why Do Business With Grape.Sounds?
With over 30 years experience with leading wineries, chateaus, retailers and restaurants, Grape.Sounds knows the key players in the Japanese, European, and New World wine markets. This knowledge enables us to help wineries and wine-related buisnesses strengthen existing relationships and develop new business opportunities.

Many wineries make world-class wine, but because of their size, are left out of the Japanese market, because they lack the resources to find good and reliable importers in Japan. Grape.Sounds sucessfully helps smaller wineries connect and prosper in the Japanese marketplace.

Connecting Producers to Consumers
Grape.Sounds provides face-to-face business communication between wine consumers and producers. Why is this important?

Wine consumers, especially as they learn more about wine, like to know the story behind the wines they drink.

  • Who makes their favorite wines?
  • How is it made?
  • What is the winemaker's philosophy?

Wine Producers have their own compelling questions:

  • Where is my wine distributed?
  • How is my wine being handled from winery to table?
  • What is the market price of my wine?
  • Where can my wine be purchased?
  • Who is buying and drinking my wine?

Grape.Sounds expertly bridges the gap between wine producers and wine consumers. We help wineries find the right importers for their wines; we help importers with marketing and sales training so these wines find the right audience; we help consumers find and appreciate the right wines for their palate and budget. The result? We help wineries and wine distributors sell the right wine to the right people for the best possible price.

Please email or call +81 22 290 3676 for a consultation.

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Industry Awards

Chevalier du Champagne

Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne
Commanderie du Bontemp
Commanderie du Bontemps Medoc et Graves, Sauternes-Barsac
Please email or call us at: +81-22-290-3676 for more information about Grape.Sounds.
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