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As a wine brokerage, Grape.Sounds finds the best producers who represent each region, have a great story to tell, have earned great ratings for their wines, have a passion for winemaking, and sound winemaking policies to ensure quality year after year.

The Concept of Hinsei and the Business of Wine
There's an important word in Japanese called "hinsei," which refers to one's inborn nature and character. We utilize that concept when evaluating the wineries we choose to work with. Does the winery, for example, have a clear and understandable approach to winemaking? Does the winery conduct its business with honesty and clarity?

Are you a wine producer looking for a wine broker in Japan?
We're always looking to work with small-and-medium scale producers who can produce wines of consistent quality year after year. We understand and share our client wineries' passion for wine and enjoy bringing new and exciting wines to the Japanese market.

Please email or call us at +81 22 290 3676 for a consultation.

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Please email or call us at: +81-22-290-3676 for more information about Grape.Sounds.
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