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Wine can be an intimidating beverage, even for experienced waitstaff and bartenders. After all, what other beverage is as entwined with glamor, lifestyle, food matching, and sophistication as wine?

Our experience with wineries and chateaus in the United Sates, South America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand enables us to find the perfect wines for restaurants — and for the beverage companies that service them.

We accentuate our winery experience with training for wait staff, distributors, sales persons and restaurant management, so that everybody in your network is on the same page when it comes to the wines in your portfolio or on your menu.

Grape.Sounds is available to help you with the wines you offer.
Please email or call us at +81 22 290 3676 to arrange a consultation.

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Please email or call us at: +81-22-290-3676 for more information about Grape.Sounds.
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